Online Reputation Monitoring and Management Features


Know what your customers are saying about your business. You will receive real time email alerts each time someone comments about or reviews your business online. You have the ability to have the platform send email alerts to multiple emails, on a daily or weekly basis as well. This feature provides an aggregated view of customer reviews from all the top review websites, by location (if you have multiple locations). You are able to access specific reviews within each review site. This capability allows you to manage and quickly respond to reviews from the review websites in one dashboard. The ability to manage and respond to online reviews allows you to combat negative reviews and improve your online reputation.


Create custom review apps to generate feedback from customers before they leave your establishment. You are notified immediately when they provide feedback, giving you the ability to respond to any negative reviews before they leave your establishment and post a negative review on a third-party review site.  You can easily create a URL to be provided to a customer for feedback. This URL can be promoted to the customer in several ways. You can give the URL directly to the customer, have them scan a QR code, or provide a SMS keyword that can be texted to a specific number in order to have the URL texted back to them. QR codes can be provided in a flyer or a tabletop tent or a sign anywhere in your establishment such as the checkout counter. Positive review thresholds can be set at any level you desire. You can then be immediately alerted when the positive review threshold is not met. This feature is extremely flexible in its ability to build custom review questions. Additionally, you can set whatever information you want as required so you can collect contact information that can be integrated into your contact marketing email system. Additional fees may apply to certain aspects of this feature, depending on the method and extent to which you wish to deploy this capability.


Generate more positive reviews by requesting reviews through our email review request tool.  The tool is very easy to use. It is simply the creation of an email utilizing our tool. You may create and name as many email templates as desired and save them for future use or editing. You have the ability to create emails requesting reviews for specific sites (if you have mor than one site). You simply create a subject, and we provide a generic message for you, which can be edited to your liking.  Once you have edited or created your message, you can enter the metatags to your links anywhere in your message. By entering the metatags in your email, you will pull in the online profile URL’s you have connected to your accounts automatically. When you’re ready to send the email, you can review it and enter the list of email recipients from any source. The tool is that simple.



Create survey applications that can be shared with customers directly or in emails. A survey can be created for specific sites or all business sites. The questions can be in various forms, such as a star rating, list, yes/no, text box or comment box. You can create and save as many surveys as desired. Any survey can be edited and saved as a new variation of a previous survey. Once a survey has been created, a URL is then generated that can be shared. You can post the survey URL on any of your social media accounts, or it can be shared in an email. Your email marketing platform can be utilized to send emails to specific groups or several groups.


Make sure all your online profiles are up to date with accurate information about your business. We provide connections to all of your online reputation accounts. Additionally, we provide access to each so that you can review and manage each profile to ensure.


In addition to being able to respond to reviews, you are able to share positive reviews to sites like Facebook. While viewing each review, you can check a box for each review to allow it to show on the review site and can uncheck negative reviews, so they do not show on the review site. We also provide you the capability to embed a review widget on your website so that you can display all the positive reviews from wherever you want.


Know your competitors. The Competitor Spy feature allows you to monitor the feedback and reviews your competitors are receiving from customers. You simply choose a competitor name to add. You are then shown all the reviews from all the different review sites they are connected to in chronological order. You can scroll down the list of review sites to see reviews from a specific site and also view their profile on that site. You can add as many competitors in any category you desire. If a competitor has multiple locations, you can any or all of their locations.


The Subscriber feature simply allows a business to keep information on individuals who have responded to surveys and provides the capability to create lists so that the contact information that has been collected can be organized in the desired manner. If a business does not have an email marketing platform, this feature allows the business to maintain contact information for these individuals and provides the ability to export the contact data to a spreadsheet so it can be managed in any way desired.